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 English Speaking Doctors in Barcelona

À Propos

Whether you're visiting or living in Barcelona,
We are here for you...


Group of two French-speaking doctors in Barcelona.

We provide any form of primary care. With several years of experience, especially in the Catalan capital.
We offer personalised care,
for adults, students, adolescents, and children.

Teleconsultations are complementary to physical consultations, and can help with many conditions from the comfort of your home.

Students can ask for a discount.
An invoice will be given to you at the end of the consultation for 
reimbursement from your medical insurance.

(French social security, or Private Insurance).

We speak French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Catalan.

For any medical emergency in the EU,
112 .


How can we help you?

Dr Ricaud

Dr Laetitia Ricaud

Doctor Laetitia Ricaud is a French doctor who studied Medicine and obtained his specialty in General Medicine at the University of Toulouse in France in 2011. Her thesis subject concerned the screening of domestic violence against women by the general practitioner.

In 2013, she validated a University Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics for the general practitioner at the University of Limoges, in France. In 2018, she completed an online training in Genomic Medicine from the University of California, San Francisco.

She worked in private practices in France before moving professionally to Barcelona in 2019.

Now enrolled in the College of Physicians of Barcelona, she is pursuing continuing education there.

Dr Laetitia Ricaud is an enthusiastic and empathetic physician whose interests focus on acute and chronic pathologies, preventive medicine, general health check-ups and primary care for populations of all ages.

Laetitia speaks French, English, Spanish and Catalan.

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Professional email:

Dr Abdelrahim

Dr Ilham Abdelrahim

Dr. Ilham Abdelrahim studied in Belgium and graduated in 2003 from l’Université Catholique de Louvain and then went on to train as a Family Physician. She also obtained a postgraduate in Tropical Medicine and International Health from the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine.

She has a varied professional experience, having worked in different settings with a very diverse international patient base, in GP practices in Brussels and London, and
Barcelona, a psychiatric day care center, and the European Commission Medical Service. Here she discovered her passion for preventative and functional medicine with a focus on what creates optimal health.

She has a special interest in all aspects of family medicine, including preventative medicine, nutrition, psychology, and women’s health. She offers a holistic approach,
providing personalized care to help the patient achieve better health.


Ilham speaks Spanish and is also fluent in English, French and Arabic.

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Professional email:


Send us a message:

Thank you very much.

Consultation hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Teleconsultation possible on request outside of face-to-face hours

Consultation addresses:

   GMA clinic:
           Avinguda Diagonal, 489, 08029 Barcelona

           Tel: 935 50 01 06

   Healthcare Barcelona:

           Carrer de Puig-Reig, 10, 08006 Barcelona
            Tel: 931 05 01 59


   Dr Abdelrahim:

   Dr Ricaud:

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